How it turns slowly but fast 

The sweetness as honey

Fade in, now venom

“If we could, they can”

A slogan of mistrust 

“If we did, they too might ”

Heart troubling lines swords and conquer peace.

“We kissed and I felt love” yesterday this was your joy

“but if he placed his lips on mine, sure he could place on hers as well” today this is your terror.
Brings the pen to a place of standstill 

As it ask;

What exactly do you want? 

Why do you let your emotions flow freely? 

You love him but why grave the idea of another presence? 

If you can’t stand the thoughts then why allow the actions?
For the pen lacks this answers

For relative is the word in but diverse populations. 
Abject poverty of the mind

Ruled by grave ignorance of the soul

Led by increasing unconsciousness of the spirit

By he who claims to have the body. 

The only conclusion that caps the lid.



The Green Publisher

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