My Zoe Experience – 1

The word Zoe is of Greek origin meaning “of the absolute fulness of life, both essential and ethical, which belongs to God…” (Bible study tools) or simply put “The God Kind of Life”. I won’t be explicit about these in this post but in subsequent post I should. 

Let’s begin; When I came to the City of Ilorin 4months ago, after about  2months of stay, a friend invited to join a group called Zoe, my first day of attending the group meeting, I came late so I met this group of young men ladies discussing real life issues with Christ at the center of it all. These issues or topics would normally not be treated in our Normal Regular Church but they affect our daily living as Christians. 

But ZOE group treated this issues with utmost sincerity and truth with Christ at the center. Well at the end been a new comer, I introduced myself. And since then I go for  ZOE weekly meetings which holds every Sunday at 5pm(Nigerian time) even though I am not a regular, I am enlightened and richly blessed whenever I attend the meetings. 

What’s ZOE

Zoe is a leadership/mentorship group helping young people grow and find themselves. Zoe holds an annual camp meeting and this year’s camp held on the 8/9 September at sity inn hotel, Ilorin, Kwara state, which I was privileged to attend with the Theme: His Workmanship(Eph 2:10).


ZOE Camp is an overnight camp which is focused on worship, equipping and firing us all towards igniting ourselves afresh in God.

I arrived camp some minutes before 8pm and the venue already buzzing,  with finishing touches being put in place by the sound engineer, worship ministers and welfare “ministry” (the ministry I love so much). I registered and was ready to receive in full everything in store for the camp. 

The meeting started with worship and High praise, ah this session sha “o lit gan” (in Nigerian English/yoruba). Then we slipped into the next session which was presentation session; Music/song and Spoken Word, it ws an exhibition of the inate God giving talent, which sometimes gave me goosebumps. After the worship and dancing, then this presentation session we were serve something “light” to prepare us for the next session which was the Breakout session. 

In this session we were divided into four groups, where we discussed the topic “Purpose – Finding You Path”. This is a topic that we believers want answers to. In summary I learnt the following from this session:

  1. Having a wonderful career is not finding purpose. 
  2. Your can find purpose through your career in Christ. 
  3. You must a relationship with Christ in finding your purpose, outside of which there is no purpose. 

This session was thoughtful, insightful and enlightening.

ZOE camp 2018 finally came to an end with the Word of God, laying emphasis on who we are in Christ, “His Workmanship recreated in Christ Jesus, bringing us back to His original plan through reconciliation” 

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