A cold morning as the festive holiday season draws near

A mixture of dusty air and smooth cold gets into my dry nostrils and “sniff, sniff” I go so cranky and shivering.

I get up to close the window and there it was; a feeling that I never experienced before, 

“Was it the cold?

Was it the dust?”

Ask I myself as I pull my old looking orange chair close to the window and “crunchy crunch” , the chair screamed as I placed my pajamas buttocks on it.

I stared in a manner that was so enticing, my teeth partly biting my lips and my hand clutching my shirt.

Smooth skin

Bold pink lips

Bright eyes

Long legs

Charming smile

Great dentition

Wonderful smell

Hard working

It was our next door neighbor,

I didn’t know his name and I could never approach him for fear of stuttering cause he was my wonder man, one who my dreams takes off my pajamas for.

“Oh I wish, I wish I could get the courage to say to him my true feelings”

I stared on and imagined my cold lips on him and his soft palm on my waist, closing my eyes on the account of this thought I felt my body change, emotions ran through me like a wire packing electricity, as I was about to enter the next level of thought. 

“Honey, honey” I heard from across, it was his fiancee, a ugly and non standard babe from the other street (at least that was what my jealous mind told itself to release the pain)

I drew my chair backward, closed my window and back to sleep I went.


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